The bathroom is part of the house which can be classified as the most intimate. It is usually a place for daily hygiene, where the most important functions are harmony and functionality. It is often the smallest room in our home considering the surface. Therefore, bathroom cabinets or shelves should be both functional and spacious, as well as ergonomic, in other words, stylish. Decisions on bathroom furniture are usually make in the beginning with the original design of sanitary facilities.

There are really many possibilities to arrange the bathroom. Let's start with the shelves. We have open racks, closed racks or so-called semi-open. Some of our sets include shelves or cabinets, which, it depends on your needs, it can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.

Fronts and colors. We are aware that bathroom furniture must necessarily be made of materials that are more resistant to moisture and high temperatures. However, it does not disturb you in the wide range of colors we have to choose. To brighten the interior of the bathroom and give it style, we can use gloss fronts, for example, in white. In addition, we offer LED lighting in many sets that illuminate the modern nature of the bathroom furniture. If we want to follow the latest trends, from mid-2017, ultra-modern bathrooms dominate, where 3D tiles play a major role, for which the obvious choice is furniture elements that are more muted and of a simple shape.

We have already mentioned a small amount of space, so it is good to use every inch of space well. It is a good idea to plan space for cabinets under the sink. We offer sets of dedicated sinks that will form a harmonious duo. What should be above the sink? We can play a game show and give four possible answers, but the solution will immediately come to mind. It's about a MIRROR! It depends on us whether it will be a closed cabinet, or a mirror with a comfortable shelf or just a flat element on the wall where we can see.

Regardless of the finish and size of your bathroom, our furniture will be perfectly adapted to every interior. A wide range of colors and shapes allow you to arrange the interior to match the platform or lighting type. If we have such opportunities, we focus primarily on consistency. The choice of ready-made sets will certainly benefit our home budget.

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