Usually a choice of kitchen furniture s one of the most difficult decisions in furnishing a home or flat. Why? How much easier it is to replace the couch in the living room, or desk in the office, than the entire set of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen furniture must therefore meet many requirements. Elements such as a fridge, induction hob or gas stove, hood, dishwasher and oven can be found in virtually any kitchen. Where can you put it all? Designing the perfect combination may not be easy, which is why in our offer we have emphasised proven and practical solutions. See how appropriate furniture sets help create a harmonious and functional space.


All furniture is in packets for self-assembly. Tops are cut to size of each cabinet and can not be dispensed with. There is a possibility of ordering the whole table for an additional fee. The price of these sets does not include household appliances or accessories available on visualizations. Each kitchen cabinet can be purchased separately and set up for your own needs.


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