MEBLE NOKA Dariusz Noculak i Mariusz Kaźmierczak SPÓŁKA JAWNA

63-604 Baranów

Mroczeń, Chabrowa 17

NIP 6192022293 Regon 360822648

Meble Noka company was founded on the basis of years of experience. We can truly say that it's not only our work but it's also our passion.

The main strengths of our team are:

- positive attitude

- professional background

- empathy

- adaptation


Our main goal is to satisfy our customers needs. Regardless if you buy one bathroom cabinet or furnishing the whole apartment we'll always support you with kind and professional service. We prepared a wide range of furniture dedicated for each type of room and budget remembering of course about the quality of the offered items.


Do you dream of a cosy bedroom, a modern living room or maybe a Scandinavian-style kitchen? Would you like to have a corner sofa in the living room preferably with a sleeping function and a bedding container but You don't want to spend a fortune on it? Are you looking for a comfortable armchair where you can read your favorite book after a hard day? 

You know what you want but still like to have a large selection of colors and textiles?

If you answered yes for any of these questions it means you're in the right place.

We are aware that designing your own space is a challenge. Some people look for permanent solutions and others for something simple and temporary.

That's why we prepared our offer where everyone can easily find something for themselves.

We choose the products carefully always remembering to draw inspiration from various style and price range.


You don't need to know everything. If you have any questions regarding our products we will be happy to help you find satisfactory  answers.  Maybe you don't have the time to search for products or you don't know what you're really looking for.

Write to us and we will happily prepare an individual offer for you.


We have our own modern transportation fleet thanks to which you can be sure that the parcel will reach you in perfect condition.

We will inform you 1-3 days before the planned delivery of the parcel.

Orders above 1,500 SEK have free transport.

The cost of transport for purchases below 1500 SEK:

1 – 500 SEK = 350 SEK

501 – 1000 SEK = 250 SEK

1001-1500 SEK = 150 SEK

Range of our operation is shown on the map.

Drivers are not obligated to carry the furniture.

Issues related to carrying the furniture need to be settled with the driver.

Order delivery up to 21 days.