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A stylish set of kitchen cabinets that will help you create a well-organized and modern home kitchen. The furniture is made of the best quality materials that ensure durability and make the purchase of this set an investment for many years.

Colors available:

Top front: truffle sonoma oak / 2 mm PVC edges

Front bottom: truffle sonoma oak / 2 mm PVC edges

Body: white mat

Tabletop: 28 mm white

Handle: 128 mm - plastic

The set includes:

lower cabinets:

- 60 HSKK-190

- 40 HSG-190

- 40 D 1S 1F ZB

- 89x89 DN 1F ZB

- 80 ZL 2F ZB

- 60 D 2F ZB

- 60 DG ZB

upper cabinets:

- 40 G-60 1F

- 30 G-60 1F

- 58x58 G-60 1F

- 30 G-60 1F

- 80 G-60 2F

- 60 G-60 2F

- 60 OK-40

Additional information:

cabinets with the ZB symbol in the name have a top in the package and it is not possible to resign from it.

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